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This is a results oriented twenty minute workout performed once or twice a week that builds strength, increases metabolism, burns fat, improves cardiovascular endurance, increases bone density and creates a beautiful body.

Did you know...
Three extra pounds of lean muscle burns about 10,000 extra calories a month, just sitting around! add it up. Since aerobic exercise like jogging burns only about 100 calories per mile, a typical aerobic workout burns 100 calories every 15 minutes, having 3 extra pounds of muscle burns as many calories as running 25 miles a week or doing 25 aerobic workouts a month without leaving your couch. Its really amazing. Your metabolism is revved up by lean muscle to do this all by itself. You become a fat burning furnace. Scientists have also found that building lean muscle has superior cardiovascular benefits!Quoted from Adam Zickerman Author of the book "Power of Ten"

Here’s how we get these results:
You will be working one-on-one with a Personal Trainer. Our trainers are qualified exercise specialists that have been educated and trained in this specific method of strength training. Your trainer will be watching your every move keeping you in perfect form, guiding you through the workout to get you the results you desire.

At Ultimate Strength Studio we utilize special Medx weight training equipment designed by the genius of Nautilus, Arthur Jones. These machines are designed to maintain the same resistance throughout the particular exercise. There is no wasted motion as is true with free weights or typical gym machines. In addition the actual action of the exercise is done in a slow-speed motion to maximum momentary muscle fatigue. This method has been proven to be the safest way to build stamina and strength. Is it challenging? Yes, is it exhilarating? Yes!
This type of training program is great for everyone. From the novice health enthusiast to the serious bodybuilder, people throughout the country are raving about this phenomenal training program.

I am a fitness fanatic! Having been a 24 hour fitness trainer for years and seeing limited results I am excited to bring this truly life changing workout to my clients. Health, strength, appearance are all within your grasp. Come and enjoy your own personal health revolution at Ultimate Strength Studio.

-Brenda Rickards HHP,CPT

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