The Workout

In order to attain optimal versions of ourselves and combat the ravages of age, exercise is keystone. We know it’s good for the heart, good for the brain, and great for self-esteem. How you are exercising is the key as to how much benefit you are giving your body.

An exercise can be categorized between ranges of low Intensity and high intensity.  For example, hopping on a stationary cycle for an hour at a moderate pace would be categorized as low intensity. Low intensity exercise will benefit your circulation, but it won’t do much for improving your muscle tone and fat loss.  Also, cycling has a tendency to put a person in a rounded back position, which could set them up for future back pain and poor posture!

The big question, then, is what form of exercise provides the greatest amount of benefit for the least amount of time spent? High Intensity Strength Training is the answer. With briefer and more intense exercise you reap the benefits of:  muscle growth, cardiovascular health, joint and connective tissue health, metabolic conditioning, fat loss, increased bone density,  etc..

When you combine this High Intensity training philosophy with the safety and efficiency of slow motion, you retain all of the benefits while diminishing the risk.  Acceleration of any movement must be at an absolute minimum in order to keep the forces going through your joints and connective tissue at a safe level.

With that in mind, this workout can serve all ages and experience levels. We cater to the needs of our clients. Whether you are someone striving to attain that fantastic beach body by summer or a retiree looking to combat bone density and muscle loss, we are here to help you get there.